Case Management

What is Case Management?    

Private Case Management is a personalized service for a young adult or a parent or loved one dealing with; Asperger’s Syndrome (autism spectrum disorder), Nonverbal Learning Disorder or Attention Deficit Disorder. Using a collaborative team approach to achieve individualized goals which fosters a natural support team, the case manager links you to community based resources, while providing support and advocacy within the home, work or medical setting.

Case management consultations provide objective, honest feedback based on my years of experience coaching individuals with Asperger’s Syndrome (autism spectrum disorder), Nonverbal Learning Disorder and related conditions, as well a parenting my young adult son with Asperger’s.

Based on assessments, interviews and input from existing providers, teachers, client and family supports, the case manager, creates a personalized target specific care plan. The identified goal oriented plan is established on strengths, needs, culture and financial consideration to enhance success. The development of the coordinated plan joins essential resources and services which are tailored to the individual’s needs.

Once the plan is constructed and confirmed by the participating parties the private case manager coordinates service delivery.  The case manager consults with service providers to ensure that the plan is actualized appropriately, clearly contracted and measured for effectiveness and accountability. Additionally, the private case manager oversees the quality of the services you receive by; attending/advocating at psychological assessment reviews to incorporate appropriate educational or employment accommodations, as well as attend team meetings with client, providers and other natural family support members.

The Case Manager understands that you live with complex and multiple needs and will monitor, evaluate and advocate in the best interest of you or your child, while keeping you involved every step of the way. You will be presented with a range of services to choose from that have been vetted to the best of my ability on your behalf, thus assuring you are confident in the well informed choices you make.


“We help people manage complicated situations.”


Case Management Consultation Services

  • Identify goals based on a custom developed service plan.
  • Determine a job or career path by matching interests and abilities.
  • Locate, share and assess community services and providers.
  • Build and foster natural and community based supports.
  • Attend team meetings at home, work or medical settings to advocate.
  • Coordinate and monitor delivery of services.
  • Maintain family and team communications.
  • Create crisis plans and revise on an as needed basis.
  • Provide individual or family support and guidance.

Who I Serve

  • People with High Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • People with NonVerbal Learning Disorder
  • People with Attention Deficit Disorder
  • At risk populations

Cost of Care    

The cost of Private Case Management may actually save you money by steering you to the most appropriate, useful and experienced community resources and providers available.

  • Initial Consultation/Family Meeting $200.00 (90 minutes)
  • Hourly Rate $90.00 per hour pre-pay 4+ hours ($360.00)
  • Private case management is a voluntary service and can be terminated at any time.


When you decide to use Private Case Management


  • Request a signed Service Agreement prior to beginning service.
  • Ensure the confidentiality of client information at all times.
  • Provide only those services authorized by the client/responsible party.
  • Provide regular verbal and written reports documenting our findings, recommendations and actions.



  • Benefit financially from any referral we make to community services.
  • Provide direct services, such as home health or nursing services.
  • Provide financial management or fiduciary services.
  • Act as guardians or conservators.
  • Provide services we are not qualified to provide.