Job/Life Coaching

Why Job Coaching?

Are you struggling with post-secondary employment options for yourself or your young adult child with Asperger’s Syndrome (autism spectrum disorder), Nonverbal Learning Disorder or Attention Deficit Disorder? Are you seeking to understand why your son or daughter can’t get or keep a job?

The social demands of job interviewing are intimidating for most of us, but especially nerve-wracking and confusing if you have Asperger’s Syndrome (autism spectrum disorder), Nonverbal Learning Disorder or Attention Deficit Disorder. Active listening and appropriate responses are significantly challenged and greatly impacted during the hiring process, often resulting in a negative performance.

You can increase your chances of gaining employment, sustaining retention and earning financial independence by working with a job coach. Working one on one with a job coach can help you develop appropriate skills and strategies in the workplace with the support and tools you need to obtain and remain employed.

Job Coaching includes:

  • Define a realistic job or career path
  • Guidance with the job search process
  • Learn and practice interview skills
  • Plan disclosure strategy & workplace accommodations
  • Meet employer expectations
  • Manage time, priorities and deadlines
  • Communicate with colleagues
  • Correct & handle a disciplinary action that jeopardizes employment success

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    Included Services:

    1. Identify & establish work goals
    2. Determine obstacles
    3. Learn new strategies for actionable change
    4. Assist with resume
    5. Practice interview skills
    6. Facilitate job search
    7. Collaborate with employer and employee to learn job tasks
    8. Reinforce appropriate interpersonal skills necessary in workplace
    9. Visit place of employment to maintain open communication and understanding
    10. Budgeting & bill paying

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Our goal is to raise you to your highest potential of independence while ensuring you meet the expectations of your employer.