Giving Buddha the Finger

My name is Adriene, I am a cuticle abuser and first time blogger. Odd topic to kick off with, yet one that I must
share.  For years, I have hidden my gnawed fingers under the table, balled in my lap, or jammed in my pockets. I knew it was habit triggered by stress. I rationalized that manicures would rid
me of ragged cuticles and my feminine fingers would flourish. Ha, before my nails dried I was already picking my skin for a rough edge.

Frustrated with myself, I researched my skin picking habit and stumbled across the Trichotillomania Learning Center’s website   Repetitive skin picking appears to be a way for some people to increase their activity levels when they are bored, or to control their emotions when they are feeling anxious, tense, or upset.”   Guilty as charged!  Treatment options? Habit Reversal Training,  a type of cognitive behavior therapy, or Stimulus Control – limiting behaviors with physical reminders, such as wearing Band-Aids.  Been there done that. Next!


Ironically, a few years ago, I accidentally discovered my holy grail to neutralize my anxiety, and it was hanging around my neck this whole time.  Attracted to the healing properties of gemstones, I armed myself with energy boosting amulets. My adorned wrists are stacked with rose quartz for love, agate for strength, amethyst for stress relief, and the most powerful Sacral Chakra Stone (carnelian). Next, I added multi-length crystal beaded strands with Buddha and elephant pendants to ground me, especially when my days included waiting rooms, traffic jams, long meetings and grocery lines.  On one such occasion, I looked down at my Buddha head trying to find some inner peace, when my hand naturally reached up for the back of the slippery quartz.  I began to notice that the sheer sensation of the quartz had a soothing effect. I began to notice that this repetitive motion calmed me and thus, the urge to pick at my nails was eliminated. This new “cure” is now my habit and personal fashion statement.


Satisfied with my self-discovered findings in diffusing anxiety, I was curious to see if there were any studies to validate my discovery. To my surprise, I found research by John Tsilimpar is MFT, professor of psychiatry at Pepperdine University.

“During anxiety do something tangible,” advises John Tsilimparis, MFT, “running your fingers along your keys, holding a heavy paperweight, or grabbing an ice cube for as long as you can.”  He continues to say, “Your brain can’t be in two places at once. Your mind will shift from racing, catastrophic thoughts [that accompany anxiety] to the cold ice cube in your hand.”  He believes that “there’s definitely something grounding about holding onto things, even if it’s just to catch your breath for a moment. A large smooth stone in the hand really can offer some kind of intangible soothing, simply by focusing on the pleasure of its presence.”

Empowered by my self-discovered, med-free, fashionable diffuser, along with professional studies that validate the positive results, drove me to share this solution.

My one of kind “Anxiety Diffuser Amulets” organically reduce anxiety levels by wearing and touching these soul soothers. This strategic and discreet jewel-tool provides an immediate touchstone to refocus on. Your chosen soul soothing energy gemstone bracelet or necklace will pleasingly penetrate the windows of your soul, while your fingers fiddle to ground you. This beautiful and discreet anxiety-reducer helps to regain your center, so you are able to focus and balance naturally.



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